Admission Process in USA Universities

If you want to get a bright future by taking an international degree from a reputed American university, it is essential to know the appropriate application process. Most universities in the US follow the same type of admission procedures. However, the application process may vary according to your study level and the programs you prefer for the course.

Before applying to your preferred university in the US, you must know the proper time to complete the application process to the US universities. The deadlines for applying to the universities are also to be considered. The students also must consider the ideal time for taking admissions in the intake of the universities. There are two intake seasons fir getting admission to US universities. These seasons are Fall and Spring.

The universities in the US follow a bi-semester system, and the academic year is divided into two semesters. You can choose any intake season to get admitted to an American university. The universities consider the minimum percentage of marks in the last exam and vary according to your admission level and program.

Indian students, while admitted to any US university, must pass an English language test. The minimum academic record must be at least 65% and above for the humanities stream in class XII. On the other hand, the minimum academic record must be 70 - 80% and above for Science/Commerce stream in class XII. if your academic score is below 60%, you can apply for Foundations and Diploma programs. Your age must be above 18 years to join a degree program.

Besides the academic score, you must also provide several documents to apply for higher education from any university in the US.

You must follow some steps to choose the best institution for completing your higher education in America